Could this be a form of just? Or should I rather call it jungle justice.

Last week,a young man was left to die after pouring acid on him. His crime was snatching phones from innocent passerbys.

On my own part,I partly agree with it but the other part bleeds about it. When I think about the lost soul I can’t help but wonder.

Where’s our government? Our law enforcement officers when we need them? I know that oppressing poor passerby isn’t good but burning the culprit? I think that’s gone too far.

Is it only in Nigeria this kind of things happen or are they other African countries going through the same?

May God have mercy on us and grants our youths the grace to say no to stealing.



Tradition of the Mursi and Suri people;The lip plate.

Excerpt from;Njideka Agbo

Compiled by; Theresa marcus

Around lake Turkana and the lower Omo valley in southern Ethiopia,are people who have not been moved by technological advancement but rather chooses to maintain their way of life.

The mursi and Suri people share a similar culture,one of which is common is the lip plate. The beauty of their women is determined by how large their lip plate is.The lip plate are made up of clay or wood which ranges from 4-25cm(statistics). The lower lip is cut,and two or four teeth’s are removed in order to fit in the plate. The process is usually carried out by their mother’s when the young girls attain puberty.In stretching the lips,a ceramic disc is placed after the lower lip is cut and will remain until until the cut is healed before it is replaced with a slightly larger disc. The process is carried out in order to make the lips large enough to accommodate the first lip plate which is about 4cm.For the mursi and Suri people,the lip plate is seen as a boost of one’s self esteem. This tradition is valued by both parents in the sense that the father’s number of cows would increase when her dowry is paid.The dowry of the mursi and Suri people is fixed.40 cattle for the small plate.

(A mursi lady , spotting a small plate).

And 60 cattles for a larger plate(Mursi lady with large plate).

What we detest and see as a disgusting and barbaric culture is what the mursi and Suri people practice with pride. I actually wonderd if this particular set of people feel no pain at all when inserting the lip plate. The mursi women either have their lips pierced or wear a lip plate.

Below is a woman with a lip piercing.

According to daily Mali :20-year old State Eligidagne has the largest lip plate in the world. it weighs 19.5cm.During social functions,the women don their lip plate and when serving meals to their male counter part as part of their beauty regime. Beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder!!